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Eddie Cavalero (GrahamFraser)- Guitar 

Graham's Virtuoso and highly diverse Guitar Style comes from over 20 years of playing in Rockabilly, Blues, Rock and Punk in Europe and North America. During a Cavaleros set he and his Fender Jazzmaster can effortlessly shift gears between rapid fire Swing/Jazz to High Octane Rockabilly; Texas Blues to Reverb drenched Surf, Hard Rock Psychobilly and slow buring Cuban guitar all within a couple of songs. He posseses a stunning versatility found in very few guitarists.

Graham was born in James Bay, B.C. He grew up on the mean streets of Vancouver B.C. and then honed his professional musical skills in the rough and tumble Rockabilly/Punk scene in London UK, and throughout South East England. He recently moved back to Canada after 12 years of playing in Europe and is now in Victoria, B.C., Where he started The Cavaleros. He is also the owner and producer at Atomic Recordings Victoria. The only studio in the region that specialises in capturing that rock'n roll sound when it was rebellious and exciting!   

In his spare time Graham is an aspiring photographer, musicologist, fanatical record collector, meterologist, B-Horror film collector and enjoys drinking Manhattans.


'Lead guitarist Graham Fraser is one of the best I have heard in ages. He’s got the reverb and amp tones right down and double picks surf instrumentals channeling the spirit of Dick Dale while adding his own original style.'

Rich Hagensen - U.K.'s New Gandy Dancer...

Graham Fraser really rips thru some blistering licks on his White Falcon...Vince Ray