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                     Atomic! CD Now available!
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Review of Atomic CD from WUTL Radio, New Orleans...

"The Cavaleros are exciting! Their loud and raw sound is fast and punchy and just the right amount of lo-fi... The Cavaleros oughta be in your collection." 


Review by Dave O Rama 'BC Musician Magazine'...

"Coming fast on the crest of their Banzai Pipeline EP Victoria’s The Cavaleros drop their new full length release Atomic! The Album. Fully immersed in the surf rock groove The Cavaleros embrace all the swagger and style with precise execution and a rebel spirit. On Atomic! The Cavaleros spit out ten fiery surf instrumentals delivered with blistering force and dripping with rock n roll bravado.

This fine tuned trio slather their music with buckets of sustain and heaping servings of Mexican spice. German “Sandy” Cavalero lays down a relentless jungle beat over Johnny Cavalero’s pounding undertones while producer and gang leader Eddie Cavalero unleashes a blistering five string assault that pays a complex and passionate tribute to the world of surf.

From their matching jailhouse stripes and mariachi jackets, to the cool album cartoon graphics, The Cavaleros have this whole thing dialed in. It’s Link Wray meets The Stooges at a bullfight on Waikiki Beach. Switchblade sharp and burning rubber, Atomic! The Album is sure to satisfy anyone with a taste for rockabilly, psyched out garage rock, and salty beach party ballistics. High octane and seriously shacked, with Atomic! The Album The Cavaleros leave you blissed, breathless, and totally noodled
The Cavaleros are playing this year's Nashville Boogie along with Wanda Jackson, The Sonics, Lee Rocker, The Blasters and many more!!!
Atomic EP in Rock Therapy Radio's (Spain) top Albums of week...

The Cavaleros - Atomic EP now available on Bandcamp!

Only just a week old, it's catching on like wild fire across North America and Europe radio stations!  

Here's what WTUL Radio New Orleans said :

'The Cavaleros are clearly descended from the Link Wray tree of instrumentals, with ragged blown-out guitars and, of course, a Link Wray cover right at the second song - a good one at that. The opening track essentially a cover of the Frantics' Werewolf, and a song that fits their rough attitude well. The real winner here is the one that I believe tro be an original: Chinese Takeaway. When they get to speed the Cavaleros really take off and make a furious racket. These have a ton of energy that make me think they'd be great live, and I can imagine being breathless after hearing them pound that one out'

Cavaleros will be at VLV18!
                   Friday The 13th!

The Cavaleros are pleased to announce that we'll be playing at this year's Viva Las Vegas 18 Rockabilly Festival! We're going to rawk it!

Today's Date:
Fri 12 July 2024



New Recordings coming out very soon!


The long awaited Cavaleros recording is in the works! Pre-production is in progress!



The Cavaleros are back in Vancouver September 21st!

@ The Shameful Tiki Room

It's going to be a great night!


This Saturday!

Live in Vancouver!



The Cavaleros CD will be released shortly! Hang in there...


        A new review of a show we played a few months back written in U.K. Instrumental Magazine 'New Gandy Dancer'. By Rich Hagensen


...I gotta close off with a short review of a great live show we saw in Victoria last May. ‘Shaken Not Stirred…Shake Rattle and Roll’ was on the marquee for two nights of local rock’n’roll bands at an old Esquimalt bar The Cambie. The beer was cold and the bands were hot! Lots of rockabilly, rock’n’roll and garage rock by bands like Slim Sandy and the Hillbilly Boogie Band and Hank Angel and his Island Devils who sang songs from their independently released CDs. The climax of night two was an all instrumental surf trio THE CAVALEROS! Their one hour set was crammed with rockin’ covers of oldies like ‘The Man With The Golden Arm’, ‘Blue Moon Of Kentucky’ and ‘Miserlou’ plus some fantastic originals like ‘Big Sky’ ‘D For Dangerous’ and ‘Gypsy’s Curse.’ Lead guitarist Graham Fraser is one of the best I have heard in ages. He’s got the reverb and amp tones right down and double picks surf instrumentals channeling the spirit of Dick Dale while adding his own original style...

The Cavaleros V.S. The Deacats @Logan's Dec 29th!



It's Shake n' Stomp with The Cavaleros!

A new monthly Rockabilly night we'll be hosting in Victoria's original Honky Tonk Bar! The Cambie! Next Show: Saturday October 27th











The Cavaleros will be playing The Rockabilly Rumble in Duncan, August 25th!

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Long awaited 2nd album is in the works. Release dates TBC
Entry added: 10 May 2024
We're back in the studio writing new material! New Album coming very soon!
Entry added: 26 May 2023
The Cavaleros Classic Debut Atomic! Is now available on Spotify and I tunes! Watch this space for new recordings.
Entry added: 25 Oct 2018
Solid reviews on Atomic from Pipeline Magazine UK!
Entry added: 31 May 2018
New recordings on the way!
Entry added: 26 Oct 2017
Thank you Nashville! We had a great time playing for you!
Entry added: 24 May 2017
Atomic album now available on CD! Go to the Tunes page to check it out!
Entry added: 06 Apr 2017
CD Release date is April 22nd Victoria BC @ Wheelies!
Entry added: 21 Mar 2017
Hey Friends in the USA we'll be playing the 2017 Nashville Boogie Weekender in Nashville TN! May 18-21st Don't miss this one!
Entry added: 17 Oct 2016
New CD about to be released! Watch this space!
Entry added: 19 May 2016
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Recording session in progress...