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Atomic! Was recorded at Atomic Recordings Victoria during different points in 2016. It was Mixed and Produced by Eddie Cavalero.

Review of Atomic CD from WUTL Radio, New Orleans...

"The Cavaleros are exciting! Their loud and raw sound is fast and punchy and just the right amount of lo-fi... The Cavaleros oughta be in your collection." 

Review by Dave O Rama 'BC Musician Magazine'...

"Coming fast on the crest of their Banzai Pipeline EP Victoria’s The Cavaleros drop their new full length release Atomic! The Album. Fully immersed in the surf rock groove The Cavaleros embrace all the swagger and style with precise execution and a rebel spirit. On Atomic! The Cavaleros spit out ten fiery surf instrumentals delivered with blistering force and dripping with rock n roll bravado.

This fine tuned trio slather their music with buckets of sustain and heaping servings of Mexican spice. German “Sandy” Cavalero lays down a relentless jungle beat over Johnny Cavalero’s pounding undertones while producer and gang leader Eddie Cavalero unleashes a blistering five string assault that pays a complex and passionate tribute to the world of surf.

From their matching jailhouse stripes and mariachi jackets, to the cool album cartoon graphics, The Cavaleros have this whole thing dialed in. It’s Link Wray meets The Stooges at a bullfight on Waikiki Beach. Switchblade sharp and burning rubber, Atomic! The Album is sure to satisfy anyone with a taste for rockabilly, psyched out garage rock, and salty beach party ballistics. High octane and seriously shacked, with Atomic! The Album The Cavaleros leave you blissed, breathless, and totally noodled




Review by UK Instrumental magazine New Gandy Dancer... 


"Finally, due to popular demand, Victoria, B.C.’s best rock/surf instrumental trio THE CAVALEROS have self released a CD ‘Atomic! The Album’. Ten powerful reverb soaked guitar instrumentals are packed onto this disc – from the surfy ‘Chinese Takeaway’ and ‘The Hearse (Atomic Version)’ to spaghetti western style ‘Pistolero’ to ominous grinders like Link Wray’s ‘Big City After Dark’ and The Frantics ‘Werewolf’ (disguised here as ‘TheFifth Dimension... Highly Recommened.''